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Re: [Xen-users] forcing HVM to specific network model with PV-aware FreeBSD DomU

El 15/10/15 a les 17.04, Andreas Pflug ha escrit:
> Am 15.10.15 um 16:21 schrieb Ian Campbell:
>> On the FreeBSD side, it is said that the xn xen netfront driver can't be
>> disabled at boot time, unless a custom kernel is built (certainly not
>> desirable regarding security updates), so:
>> "can't be disabled" also implies not being able to avoid unplugging the
>> emulated path I take it?
>> Otherwise you could just configure the emulated NIC and leave the PV one
>> down.
> Apparently not possible
>>> How can I disable xen-netback drivers for a specific HVM? It should
>>> respect the "model=e1000" setting (or maybe virtio?). I'm running Xen
>>> 4.4 on Debian.
>> Oh, I just remembered that you can set xen_platform_pci=0 in your guest
>> cfg, that will turn of all PV extensions though, not just network.
> This would work for me, unfortunately, this will make the kernel crash:
> Fatal trap 12 page fault while in kernel mode, Stopped at
> _sx_slock_hard+0x19a

I can boot fine on HEAD with xen_platform_pci=0, but PV devices are
going to be used anyway, since this is PVHVM and doesn't relay on the
Xen PCI device in order to enable the PV interfaces, it's done much
earlier during boot and the detection is performed using cpuid.

Stable-10 is not that advanced in this regard (there's no xenpv bus for
example), and probably has issues if Xen is detected early in boot but
then the Xen PCI device is not found.


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