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Re: [Xen-users] [xen4.4] DomU Windows server HVM with xen-tools xl create

Just the last one : How to know in advance the CD-Rom device ?

When you said 'file:/path/to/your/iso,xvdc:cdrom,r', xvcd is extracted from ... ?

Le 13/10/2015 00:06, David TECHER a ÃcritÂ:
Yes I am French. I saw your post on ubuntu-fr. So welcome to Xen world :)

That should be a pretty long message so take a coffee and read it entirely. I will make errors here while writting :)

Let do everything step by step hoping to reply to all your questions. Here is the plan

0) Did you have a good PC for Xen? I will try to reply
1) about PV domU and xen-create-image
2) about HVM domU
3) to reply to your mail

PV domU? HVM domU? (This is my own point of view!)
* PV domU: xen-create-image installs only a simple base Ubuntu machine (no desktop :) ). You have to install it yourself. Typically PV domU are usefull it you want a machine dedicated for a server only like a Web Server, a FTP server etc....
A graphical desktop can be installed by you have to do it yourself. You can access this throuhg a console (see #1 below).

* HVM domU: Usefull for desktop. But you have to do the installation yourself from an ISO :( . To improve performance you need to be sure that your CPU has the expected features for this.Â
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