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[Xen-users] command 'xl migrate...' implements 'iterative pre-copy' or not ?

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  • Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2015 10:40:16 +0800
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Hi,I use xen 4.4.1 and I am confused about the 'live migration'.
According to docs,use command 'xl migrate <domain> <host>' can migrate an os from a physical machine to another.
I look into file 'xl_cmdimpl.c' and other files in 'xen-4.4.1/tools/libxl/' and find the migration has the following steps:

a. setup a progress in target physical machine;
b. exchange control messages between two machines;
c. suspend the vm on the original machine and restart it on target machine.

During this procedure,I don't see anything about 'iterative pre-copy',so I wonder if xl really implements it.

if it really implements 'iterative pre-copy',where can I find the source code about the it ?
if it doesn't, does the previous toolstack xm or other project implement it and where to find ?

(I see many docs introduce seamless migration needs pre-copy memory iteratively and the vm doesn't stop until the final step)

Thanks a lot.

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