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[Xen-users] xl create argument issue with disk config


I am trying to add disk vbd for "Ethos" OS running on x86_64. It did not have disk device before but I am adding one and writing file system for it.

Below is the arguments we use to start. Since a Python script is used to start xen domain, the below is an array of strings, rather than a single string. Note that "disk" argument is the newly added thing.

['xl', 'create', '/dev/null', '-p', "vif=['mac=aa:00:00:00:00:01,ip=','mac=aa:00:00:00:00:02,ip=']", "disk=['file:/home/yl/test/disk.img,sda,rw']", "kernel='/var/lib/xen/images/ethos.x86_64.elf'", "name='client.ethos'", "ramdisk='/var/lib/xen/images/initialStore.x86_64.tar'", "memory='256'", " "extra=' sd.port=11112 .mac=fe:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff .ip= ÂipShadowDaemon= ipNetwork='"]

We have been using 2 vif devices for a long time with no problem. But after adding "disk" configuration (disk=['file:/home/yl/test/disk.img,sda,rw']), the OS cannot find vif1 but only vif0, with the code below.Â


  while (status == StatusOk)
      sprint(path, "device/vif/%d", netInterfaceCount);
      status = xenbus_read(XBT_NIL, path, &str);

      if (status == StatusOk)

Is the configuration itself correct? Or could it be some bug in the OS code?

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