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Re: [Xen-users] My GPU won't pass through. Is this my goodbye to Xen?

> My plan was to use Xen in order to have a software program I could play
> with without having to worry that it could crash the OS. I could always
> build a new one.
> However this requires eclipse and thus Xorg.
> Since I'm on a tight budget and like my computers silent and low-powered
> I have a AMD APU and thus my graphics "card" consists of a [AMD/ATI]
> Kabini [Radeon HD 8400 / R3 Series].
> So Xorg can't find a graphics driver and thus can't run unless I VGA
> passthrough my GPU.

You are doing something seriously wrong. X.org CAN run inside a Xen based VM 
with an emulated GPU, you have absolutely no need to do VGA Passthrough for 
that to work. This is how it may look like:


Two things: Try using a HVM, not PV. And check X.org config inside the VM, 
manually make a .conf file. You may need to use the FBDev Driver, I recall 
having issues with that at some point.


The guide is totally outdated, but look for FBDev and the example VM config 
file at 11) . You may be able to get it working with that.                      
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