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[Xen-users] Xen 4.6 DomU crashes: domain_crash_sync called from entry.S: fault at ffff82d08022a01e create_bounce_frame+0x66/0x13a

  • To: xen-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • From: Maarten Coenaerts <maarten@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2015 17:44:44 +0100
  • Delivery-date: Thu, 03 Dec 2015 16:46:19 +0000
  • List-id: Xen user discussion <xen-users.lists.xen.org>


I'm having a problem with an Xen 4.6.0 install on debian jessie 8.2 with kernel 4.1.13. 1 domU has been unexpectedly rebooted 2 times in the past 8 days, no logs in the domU itself. Enabled guest console logging but no luck yet on getting any logs on why the reboot occurs.

Then today a domU crashed with following trace in xl dmesg:

(XEN) domain_crash_sync called from entry.S: fault at ffff82d08022a01e create_bounce_frame+0x66/0x13a
(XEN) Domain 12 (vcpu#7) crashed on cpu#6:
(XEN) ----[ Xen-4.6.0  x86_64  debug=n  Not tainted ]----
(XEN) CPU:    6
(XEN) RIP:    e033:[<ffffffff81041530>]
(XEN) RFLAGS: 0000000000010206   EM: 0   CONTEXT: pv guest (d12v7)
(XEN) rax: 00000000000000ca   rbx: 000000000000006e   rcx: ffffffff81041530
(XEN) rdx: 0000000000000001   rsi: 0000000000000081   rdi: 00007fc1749baa28
(XEN) rbp: 00007fc1734f36b0   rsp: 00007fc17fe2ddf5   r8: 00007fc1749baa28
(XEN) r9:  0000000000000646   r10: 00007fc1734f3670   r11: 0000000000000206
(XEN) r12: 00000000000001f4   r13: 00007fc1749baa00   r14: 00007fc1749baa28
(XEN) r15: 00007fc1749baa50   cr0: 0000000080050033   cr4: 00000000001526e0
(XEN) cr3: 0000000066760000   cr2: 00007fc17fe2dded
(XEN) ds: 0000   es: 0000   fs: 0000   gs: 0000   ss: e02b   cs: e033
(XEN) Guest stack trace from rsp=00007fc17fe2ddf5:
(XEN)    0000841f0fc35e5a 4955415441000000 ec8348f58949fc89 c748f631e7894810
(XEN)    48d0ffff600000c0 0003e8bf0824448b 007d8b49e7f74800 243c2b4808758b49
(XEN)    c681480a79c62948 48cfff483b9aca00 243c89483678ff85 148b410824748948
(XEN)    e289491474d28524 00cab8e7894cf631 75003f83050f0000 4110c48348c0310b
(XEN)    92f88348c35c415d eb0000006eb88f75 90909090909090ea 314d525241909090
(XEN)    6400000080f681d2 8900000048253423 a980000000ca81c2 d0392b7540000000
(XEN)    097517b10ff00674 8b050f000000cab8 148b64da75c08507 00ca81000002d025
(XEN)    7517b10ff0800000 666666c35a415ac6 0000841f0f2e6666 20d4213d83000000
(XEN)    8949514175740000 81ffffffffb941d2 34236400000080f6 09ce810000004825
(XEN)    40000000a9000001 0000ca81c2893c75 0ff00d74c2398000 000000c1c74817b1
(XEN)    000000cab80b7500 c085078bc189050f 02d025148b641775 80000000ca810000
(XEN)    5941037517b10ff0 f983057492f983c3 ebd8f7c889b075ea 9aca00087a8148ed
(XEN)    41000000d4830f3b 5655415441514150 49fc894920ec8348 481024448948d589
(XEN)    00c0c748f631e789 448b48d0ffff6000 48000003e8bf0824 8b49007d8b49e7f7
(XEN)    2948243c2b480875 ca00c681480a79c6 ff8548cfff483b9a 89480000008c880f
(XEN)    480824748948243c ca81d0891024548b 000000a980000000 f00f74c239537540
(XEN)    c1c7482414b10f41 8949267500000000 80f6812024748be2 4825342364000000
(XEN)    cab8e7894c000000 c18948050f000000 2975c08524048b41 000002d025148b64
(XEN)    41f080000000ca81 834813752414b10f 59415c415d4128c4 00000016b8c35841
(XEN)    ff30850f92f983c3 eb0000006eb8ffff 90909090909090dd 25348b645f909090

Any idea what I can do to get more info about the error?


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