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Re: [Xen-users] adding fourth device to pvhvm config causes DomU launch fail @ "device_disk_add: device already exists in xenstore" ?

El 22/2/16 a les 4:17, suse.dev@xxxxxx ha escrit:
> If, however, I add a fourth hdX, i.e.,
>                        'phy:/dev/VG0/tSWAP,hdc,w',
>       +                'phy:/dev/VG0/tROOT,hdd,w',
> 'file:/home/test/archlinux-2016.02.01-dual.iso,hdd:cdrom,r',]

You have two disks pointing to the same virtual device inside of the
guest, which is not possible (hdd). You will have to change one of them
to be hde instead.


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