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[Xen-users] windows pv drivers 8.1 series INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE windows 10


I was succesfully using 8.2 series drivers for a while in a debian dom0
with 64bit windows 10 pvh guests, until the first "Service pack" for
windows 10, - which keep turning off testsigning after upgrade -
arrived. This prevents the os to boot with the xen drivers (solution
is/was not to install the upgrade package, which is quite hard to
achieve winth windows 10). The long awaited signed drivers are not
released yet, and based on previous discussions only 8.1 series will be
signed (as they are considered to be stable).

So I decided to downgrade my installations to use 8.1 series drivers. I
removed 8.2 series (from installed programs, and from the device tree)
and installed 8.1 series (pfx certs also installed).

Unfortunately with 8.1 series I'm keep getting INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE
even with TESTSIGNONG on. I have to boot into safe mode, remove 8.1
series, install 8.2 series, and bang, it is working again.

So I must assume, that there is generally wrong with the 8.1 series drivers.

Anyone has any idea how to use the 8.1 series drivers in this situation
(I belive once the drivers will be signed will not solve this problem)?

Are there any fundamental differences between 8.1 and 8.2 series which
would require me to change the domu configuration?

Thank you.


Éliás Tamás
Thomas Elias

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