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[Xen-users] Grant Table Access By Multiple Domains


I have written two user-space applications. One gets a grant from Xen
and writes some data to a page. The other maps the page and reads the
data. I am using the userspace grant table mechanism

They work perfectly for transfers between two domains. However, I
would like to set up a global memory page, where multiple guests can
all simultaneously map the same page. Right now, it appears I can only
pass in one domid when using gntalloc, and when I change the domain
and issue the IOCTL again this results in a separate grant (and I
presume, page). This makes sense since they are logically two
different grant requests.

Is there a way I can allow more than one domain to map the same
granted page? For example, Instead of granting a page to just domid 1,
I'd like to say domid's 1, 2, and 3 can all map it simultaneously.
Thanks for any help and insight.

Dagaen Golomb

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