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Re: [Xen-users] Memory allocation with Xen

Populate on Demand + balloon , see :


>I'm using Xen 4.4.3 under Fedora 21 (kernel 4.1.13 x86_64).
>All my virtual machines run CentOS 7 (kernel 3.10 x86_64) as HVM and start 
>with overcommitted memory:
>  builder="hvm"
>  maxmem=8192
>  memory=6144
>I would like to know what techniques Xen uses to change the memory allocation 
>of a virtual machine, when I run commands like these:
>Memory decrease:
>$ xl mem-set foo 4096m
>Memory increase:
>$ xl mem-set foo 7168m
>On the Web, I found different posts talking about techniques like memory 
>ballooning and memory hotplug.
>But I don't understand what techniques my version of Xen actually uses, since 
>some posts are very outdated and other seems related to unstable versions of 
>How can I find it out?
>Thank you very much for your help.

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