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Re: [Xen-users] CPUID DomU configuration not working


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On Mon, 28 Mar 2016, Fanny Dwargee wrote:

> Hi Roger,many thanks in advance, you're right, it was my fault, I was 
> referring to the hypervisor bit (bit 31 returned on ECX) not the VMX bit.
> Now it's working just zeroing that bit:
> cpuid = [ '0x1:ecx=0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' ] 
> Now I'm facing another issue, I'm trying to changing the returned hypervisor 
> vendor string, the CPUID instruction with EAX=0x40000000 returns the 
> mentioned string on the EBX-ECX-EDX registers.
> Currently Xen returns the string "XenVMMXenVMM" but unfortunately playing 
> with the cpuid configuration setting doesn't change it in any way, in fact, 
> taking a look to the Xen sources the string
> is harcoded in many places so I'm afraid  I can't change it.
> I'm using the cpuid setting on the configuration file this way:
> cpuid = [ 
> '0x40000000:eax=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,ebx=01010100010100110101010101001010,ecx=00000000000000000000000001010100,edx=01010011010001010101010001000001'
>  ]
> Any idea?

I don't think you can change the hypervisor ID string returned by cpuid. 
Why do you need to do this anyway?

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