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Re: [Xen-users] Network performance with HVM DomU

Since I've been dealing with netfront issues recently also (not on Linux or Windows), I would recommend that you take a capture of the packets seen in
the bridge using tcpdump and analize it with Wireshark or something
similar. FWIW, I use the following rune in order to make tcpdump generate a
file that I can open with Wireshark (this is all on Dom0):

# brctl show
(then you will have to identify a vif that belongs to one of the DomUs
involved in the transaction, they have the format vif<domid>.<order>).
# tcpdump -n -i <if> -s0 -w <output>.pcap

Then you can open the resulting <output>.pcap and check for retransmissions,
or anything strange.


Im using the gplpv drivers from this site:

it is ok?


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