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[Xen-users] Xen Continuously Reboots

When I boot to Xen, the machine reboots over and over.  This is a laptop with stretch and Xen.  I created a VM and then moved Xen in the menu from 20 to 08.  On reboot, 08 Xen is at the top of the boot menu.  On time out, the machine just reboots.  If I select the Debian option, stretch boots up.  If I move off the auto boot of Xen and then select Xen, the machine repetitively reboots.

I have edited /etc/default/grub to

The reboot goes to Xen and hangs on initializing the ramdisk.  

How can I find out what is happening and fix it?

Note:  When I first found this, I uninstalled xen-tools and Xen.  After rebooting, I installed Xen, rebooted, installed xen-tools, rebooted, created a VM, rebooted, changed the boot order and update-grub2, rebooted, then tested to find the above results.


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