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Re: [Xen-users] Configure Xen to use IPv4 addressing

Naman Agarwal <namanag16@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I am using Xen v4.4.2 on my system. I have two domU's configured on it. Both 
> are linux distro's (Ubuntu 14.04) with one running as a PV guest and other as 
> HVM. Currently, every network interface that Xen uses on Dom0 and DomU are 
> being assigned IPv6 addresses. I want to be able to configure my guests and 
> dom0 to use IPv4 addresses instead. Is there a way to do this?

I suspect you are misreading the information in front of you.

With IPv6, every device with a working IPv6 stack will configure a "link local" 
address (starts with FE80:...) on every link. If you don't want to use IPv6 you 
can just ignore these addresses. You'll only see other IPv6 addresses if you 
configure them - whether that's manually, using self-assigned addresses, or via 
one of the managed options.
On some OSs, you can turn off IPv6 altogether, though it's not recommended 
these days as some packages don't work properly if it's not enabled - but they 
won't really "use" IPv6 unless you configure globally routable addresses.

IPv4 addresses won't appear unless you have configured them. By the way you ask 
the question, I suspect you've not configured anything and so you don't see any 
IPv4 addresses.
The host, and each guest, must be configured much the same as a standalone 
device would need to be configured (eg manually, by DHCP, ...).

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