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Re: [Xen-users] "quotaon: Quota format not supported in kernel" after moving PV domU to a newer version dom0 host

On 21/06/2016 18:58, Claudiu Rad-Lohanel wrote:
hello there,

been running a PV domU for a while, both domU and dom0 up to date debian wheezy. the domU disk is a dom0 LVM volume.
i needed to move this domU to an up to date debian jessie dom0.
knowing that for some time XEN supports running PV guests even if domU and dom0 kernels don't match, i simply:
  • dd transferred the LVM volume data
  • copied domU cfg and updated vif data but also kernel and ramdisk paths to match new dom0 kernel versions

the machine seemed to be working as usually until i observed that the quota system is down. in the console:

root@vps:~# quotacheck -avugm
quotacheck: Scanning /dev/xvda2 [/] done
quotacheck: Checked 56752 directories and 642689 files
root@vps:~# quotaon -avug
quotaon: using //aquota.group on /dev/xvda2 [/]: No such process
quotaon: Quota format not supported in kernel.
quotaon: using //aquota.user on /dev/xvda2 [/]: No such process
quotaon: Quota format not supported in kernel.
now, i guess that this may be because of loading different newer kernel for domU? how can i work around this? what is the best practice in such cases to keep optimal PV performance of domU without major modifications/upgrades?-- jazzman
Maybe you need the matching /lib/modules/ directory inside the domU ?

Otherwise, you would need to use a custom kernel for the domU that has the relevant options compiled in...

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