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Re: [Xen-users] How do I sign the results of grub2-mkinstall on efi system?

On Thursday, 7 July 2016, 10:52:24 EDT, jim burns wrote:

> Pls cc: me as I am not on the list.


> I reinstalled my boot loader twice because I was tired of getting "multiboot

> module not found", and having to edit /etc/grub.d/20_linux_xen to insmod

> it. (The 2nd time was because apparently you not only have to use the

> --efi- directory option, but also the --boot-directory option to get all

> the modules on the ESP partition.)


> This is a fresh install of Fedora 24. First minor problem, that I will live

> with, is originally grub2 looked for modules in EFI/fedora/x86_64 on the

> ESP. After the reinstall tho', the --boot-directory=[dir] uses the

> specified dir to install a grub2 subdir, making the modules in

> EFI/grub2/x86_64. It works, but I'd love to know how Fedora got the subdir

> name overriden.


> The real problem is that I can't boot into anything, even the grub2 menu,

> with Secure Boot on, so something is not being signed. Any body have any

> ideas?


> Thx.


BTW, despite saying it in my thread title, I used grub2-install.


I did notice the grub2-mkimage command has a --pubkey=FILE option, but no idea what FILE could be. Also don't know what to specify for --config=FILE or --memdisk=FILE. At least it's --prefix option is more flexible.


> And while I was writing this, John P McDermott asked:


> Jim,


> Are you installing Xen from source or from a package?


> John


As I say, this is a fresh install of Fedora 24, with it's xen binary packages, except I updated them to rawhide's xen 4.6.3 - no compiling (tho' I have been trying to compile in OVMF - that's a separate thread).


This is more of a grub2 problem than a xen problem, except that it only affects use of the 'multiboot' module in grub, hence the reason for the reinstall of the bootloader and grubx64.efi, only now I can't boot with Secure Boot on, and am forced to use Secure Boot off. It won't even load grub - it says invalid binary, or something like that.

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