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Re: [Xen-users] xen-4.7.0 and mini-os (ocaml)

use the tarball above which includes the 2 qemu versions & mini-os.
Ocaml is something else and is usually available from distro packaging.

If you want to build on Centos7, then try

my packages are at the top of the search results.


On Sunday, July 31, 2016 10:48 AM, "squidmobile@xxxxxxxxxxx" <squidmobile@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

30 jul 2016

i ran xen for about three years, and i ran into something that
caused me problems:

  how do i install xen-5.7.0 WITHOUT mini-os (ocaml)?

i tried to install xen-4.7.0, and it refused to install without
the mini-os (ocaml) package.  the docs do NOT claim it as a
prerequisite, nor can i find it in a .tar file for download.

i tried ocaml the other year, and i despise it.  xen makes it
difficult to install without internet access at home, and ocaml
makes it almost impossible.  when i tried anyway, it would not
work for me.

for that reason, i NEVER use git.  furthermore, the xen addon
repository uses zero security.  no https://... and no .sig/.asc
files.  for that reason, i download from secure sources:
  http://qemu.org/   (.sig file)

xen-4.7.0 offers features that look VERY nice.  however, i cannot
install it at this time.

please help.
frank smith
squidmobile [at] fastmail [dot] fm

http://www.fastmail.com - The professional email service

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