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[Xen-users] Update on http to https migration

Hi all,

a quick note that we now moved most of our websites to https: 

For the following websites, no http sites are available

1) xenproject.org 
There are a couple of known issues:
The documentation and mailing list pages contains a form to xen.markmail.org 
which is not available as https site

The video and presentation page contains embedded non-http youtube videos, 
which needs to be addressed. Some community members have asked whether we could 
not use an HTML5 player instead of the existing player. I will look into this, 
before I spend significant time on fixing up content.

2) blog.xenproject.org

3) downloads.xenproject.org

4) lists.xenproject.org

The following websites have both http and https

5) xenbits.xenproject.org
osstest relies on the http cache for adequate performance and reliability when 
cloning git repositories. Other people may have similar issues. 
We are looking investigating a number of options.

In progress:

6) wiki.xenprtoject.org
Scheduled to be switched over on Aug 10th 

If you discover any issues, please contact community.manager@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Best Regards
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