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Re: [Xen-users] xen-4.7.0 and mini-os (ocaml)

08 aug 2016

sorry for the delay.  i've been busy, and i expect this week to
be extremely busy.

> http://bits.xensource.com/oss-xen/release/4.7.0/xen-4.7.0.tar.gz

> use the tarball above which includes the 2 qemu versions &
> mini-os. Ocaml is some thing else and is usually available from
> distro packaging.

thank you.  i downloaded it the other day, but i've been too busy
to pursue it at the moment.  i definitely plan to try again when
things settle down.

absolutely no wish to try ocaml again.

> You don't need ocaml if you add "--disable-ocamltools" for
> ./configure

my notes are at home, but i think i specified this.

thank you for your time and assistance.

frank smith
squidmobile [at] fastmail [dot] fm

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