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Re: [Xen-users] WinPV BSOD on Win2008R2

On 2016-10-12 19:19:54 Nathan March wrote:
> My upgrade procedure:
> 1. Uninstall all EJB + xen drivers via uninstall, DO NOT REBOOT
> 2. Run uninstall.bat, DO NOT REBOOT
> 3. Install the new ones, then you can reboot
> 4. Make sure device manager shows the xen nic and not the emulated
> realtek (depends if your config has vif emulation turned on or not). If 
> realtek,
> unisntall the device in device manager, and reboot
> This has worked almost flawlessly on a couple dozen machines ranging
> from 2003 - 2012, although I did once have to clean up some registry entries
> manually. Unfortunately I can't find where I saved the path, but try the 
> above and
> if you're still stuck let me know and I can dig it up for you.

Thx, but this is exactly what I did.

At least those were my first few approaches - before I started cleaning up the 
registry manually _AFTER_ uninstall and uninstall.bat.
WinPV never initializes reliably on that machine ... it is definitely an 
initialization issue. Once the drivers manage to initialize it works (as I 
said, mostly when I remove the NIC device in windows and reboot, or similar) - 
but that only lasts until the next reboot.

Let me know, if you cleaned anything in the registry _outside_ 
But I am now suspecting, that it is not related to the old gplpv drivers at all.
It might be something else on the machine.

I was hoping someone could read some useful hints from the logfiles or such...

- peter.

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