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Re: [Xen-users] RHEL7 pygrub - configuration not recognized

Thanks Mark,

> Its the 64bit flag in /etc/mke2fs.conf
> this setting is unique to RHEL7 & Centos7. It also breaks tools like pygrub & 
> legacy grub.

do you know if there is already on bug open on pygrub side?
because i have seen rhel7 as supported now from pygrub, looking around.

In example:

> See if your gentoo can mount the LVM containing the RHEL7 install, and
> browse the grub.conf.

yes i can (kpartx -a, pretty easy, and my kernel support xfs).

> Also, double check the UUID of the filesystem installed  as LVM and if its 
> changed, then /etc/fstab needs an edit.

The problem seems to me before this step.
If you check the python code, this seems to me on open of the image.
So, much before checking the grub file.


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