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[Xen-users] Windows PV drivers

Hi all,

I'm in the process of upgrading from xen 4.1 to xen 4.4 and have a number of windows domU's running Windows Server 2012R2 with one of the ejb versions of the GPLPV drivers installed.

Can anyone advise which are the best drivers to install for production use today, and how they went about installing them?

So far, I've managed to boot my testing domU under 4.4, but I can't install the drivers form https://xenproject.org/downloads/windows-pv-drivers.html even after installing the certificate.

I would prefer to use debian testing, but would I perhaps be better off switching to XenServer and using the XenServer version of the PV drivers? Or can I use the XenServer version of the drivers with plain debian + xen?

Would appreciate any advice from others who have managed to get this to work well, especially in a production environment.


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