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[Xen-users] cleaning up vm resources on vm shutdown when the original 'xl create' is gone


I'm using xen 4.6 (ubuntu 16.04).  Looking for some guidance with the 
following issue.

When you create a vm via 'xl create <cfg>', the xl process gets forked 
off in to the background.  This process seems to be the one on the hook 
for cleaning up vm resources (vif/vbd/etc) when the vm is shutdown.

However how to do you go about cleaning up the vm resources if this xl 
process goes away (killed)?

Why they are getting killed is fun too.  When you have vm's running and 
you shutdown/reboot the hypervisor, xendomains script is suppose to shut 
down any active vm's.  This does cause the vm's to shutdown but the 
vm resources are never released because systemd has already killed all 
the forked xl processes before hand as they aren't associated with any 
systemd service.

This causes the vm's to get stuck in an 's' state.


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