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Re: [Xen-users] Looking for a way to share big buffer (>8MB) across different domains without data copy

On Thu, Feb 09, 2017 at 03:41:43PM -0800, Dongwon Kim wrote:
> I am a newbie on Xen development and I am looking for a way to get
> pages (frames)
> shared among different domains. I saw using a grant-table is a
> standard way to do it
> by assigning and passing references for pages to be shared to the remote
> domain.
> However, I also saw there's a limitation in terms of size of grant
> table, meaning we can
> share only certain number of frames (e.g. 32). The buffer I want to
> share is way bigger
> than this (~8MB), so I think this is pretty big blocker for us. Am I
> understanding about this
> size limitation correctly?

IIRC the number of pages is tunable, please check xen command line doc.

But blindly bumping that value isn't really the blessed way of doing
things. If you can share your goal people might provide more concrete

> If this restriction on # of frames is something that can't be easily
> removed, I would like
> to know if there's any other alternative way to achieve our goal
> (sharing big buffer with more
> than 2000 pages).
> Thanks,
> DW
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