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[Xen-users] How to persist domU efi boot order ?

I've been playing around with ovmf, hoping to get better support for my graphics card, but efforts are hampered by loooong wait while ovmf is searching for floppies (I believe, at least there is a long wait). I have managed to get into the boot menu in ovmf and remove the floppies from the boot order. (Hit escape repeatedly at the domU console ) . A file "NvVars" gets created in the top-level of the "esp" partition, but still next time i boot the VM, the same wait occurs.

What am I doing wrong?

Either ovmf is not reading NvVars, or else NvVars gets created without my settings. Maybe my "esp" partition is not found until _after_ ovmf searches all drives, also non-existant ones?

I _have_ checked to see that the floppies are removed from the boot-order before I continue the boot-process,

Googling around I found this <https://lists.gt.net/xen/users/420486>, in which

"wei.liu2 at citrix" says:
> "As said in other email, we play a trick in our test system to
> make ovmf load grub automatically. "

Anybody have a clue what that trick is, and care to share?

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