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[Xen-users] Xen Project Developer and Design Summit : PMC, deadline extension for CfP to April 21st and FAQ

Dear Community members,

I wanted to briefly announce the Program Management Committee for the Xen 
Project Developer and Design Summit. PMC members will be Julien Grall (ARM), 
Lars Kurth (Xen Project Chairman), Wei Liu (Citrix). 

In addition, we extended the CfP deadline to April 21st (23:59 PDT), due to 
Easter and last week's Xen 4.8.1 code freeze.

I also got a number of questions regarding the Hackathon part of the Xen 
Project Developer and Design Summit, which I am going to answer in an FAQ. 

Q: Is there going to be a separate Xen Project Hackathon this year?
A: No, the Hackathon got merged into the Xen Project Developer and Design Summit

Q: Is there a requirement for registering for the Hackathon part of the event?
A: No, once you registered for the event at 
 you can attend the Hackathon sessions. Note that these are now called Design 

Q: Is there going to be a wiki page, where people can sign up for the 
Hackathon/Design part of the event?
A: No, there is no extra wiki page

Q: As there is no wiki page, how can I suggest a Hackathon/Design sessions
A: There are several ways to do this
   - You can do this during the event (as in the past).
   - Alternatively you can use the CFP system at 
 and go to the Submit button and choose "Interactive Design and Problem Solving 
Session". This will record what used to be a design session in the submission 
   - Note that after the CFP deadline, we will change the system such that you 
can continue to submit "Interactive Design and Problem Solving Session", but no 
more "Presentations" and "Panel Discussions". The system may not be open for a 
couple of days, after the deadline.

We will publish these sessions as part of the program, but as with Hackathons, 
the sessions schedule for Design sessions may be adjusted during the event.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

Best Regards
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