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[Xen-users] LSI 9305-16i issue in Xen Dom0 Ubuntu

Dear Community,

I have realised that an scsih issue timeout occurs with my Broadcom/Avago/LSI 9305-16i (SAS3224) HDA controller in Dom0, Ubuntu 17.04. The same issue derives also in a DomU guest using virtual block disks.

Detailed output:


The issue occures when start working with the disks, e.g. open gparted, copy files.

In a normal Ubuntu boot without Xen I can use the LSI HDA with 16 disks without any issues.

With a blacklisted LSI mpt3sas in Dom0 and disks on internal SATA ports no issues can be observed.

So I can conclude Xen and mpt3sas (LSI) derives the issue.

Is anyone using an LSI HDA with Xen and knows how to fix this issue?
Thank you in advance!

Kind Regards,

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