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Re: [Xen-users] Dom0 CPU usage goes high if DomU is under heavy loading

Tom Ting[丁郁庭] <tom_ting@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I’ve encounter following issue and need your advice.
> Platform setting :
> ARM64, 4 physical CPU, XEN-4.6
> Dom0 :
> - Network backend
> - Running high wifi throughput (extremely high interrupt rate)
> DomU :
> - Media playback, 3D Graphic
> - Video/GPU is using passthrough driver
> - hooked to network via VIF
> If Dom0 is running high network throughput and DomU is under idle state, Dom0 
> consumes about 140~150% observed from xentop.
> Now we let DomU do some heavy workloads(ex: high-resolution-playback/3D 
> graphic/consumes about 160%), Dom0 CPU will be affected and goes up to 190%.
> I’ve tried to adjust parameters on credit-scheduler but improvement is 
> limited.
> Really appreciate for your adjustment or advice.

AIUI, all networking is done, by default, by one thread in Dom0. I could 
imagine a high network load (in terms of packets processed rather than bytes 
passed) could well result in a significant Dom0 load. I do know that this has 
been fingered in the past as a source of network bottleneck.

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