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Re: [Xen-users] Xen 4.9: Release date

On 05/06/17 16:58, Lars Kurth wrote:
Hi all,

Hi Lars,

removed xen-announce

I created the following docs

Thank you for doing this.


If anyone created any 4.9 specific docs, feel free to add to the page or
let me know: I added links to generated 9pfs and pvcalls docs


@Julien & everyone else: any restrictions, known issues, ... should go

I am aware of one issue that has not yet been fixed. Hopefully it should be done before Xen 4.9 is released. I will update it if it is not the case.


The only thing missing is the change-list: will add this *after* the last
RC was cut
Edits/additions by people who added features are welcome

I added new pages (ran a diff) as there were lots of refactoring changes
Ran link checker: ok


Provisional with data to be updated on final RC (have a simple spreadsheet
which calculates these)
Is missing the individual acknowledgements, which I will do after the
final RC

The only thing which won't change is
For reviews, I can't map these onto a specific branch, so counted review
comments by people other than proposer in the time from "git-merge-base
staging-4.8 staging-4.9" (did git-merge-base staging-4.7 staging-4.8 for
the previous release).


Have not touched this yet

https://xenproject.org/downloads/xen-archives/xen-project-49-series.html &
other artifacts

Will create, when we cut the tarballs


On 02/06/2017 17:15, "Julien Grall" <julien.grall@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,

There are some pending security issues that have been found during the
hardening period, which haven't been pre-disclosed yet.

I am going to delay the release until one week after the embargo has
lifted. I will give an exact time frame when they have been pre-disclosed.


Julien Grall

Julien Grall

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