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[Xen-users] Boot loop after upgrade


I believe I have the same problem as Duncan...
I'm also using ArchLinux and when I upgraded the kernel from 4.11.9-1
to 4.12.8-2, it stopped booting through Xen. I have a black screen and
the only working option is to power off. I do have the "noreboot"
option set, but because (I guess) of an NVidia Optimus GPU, I can't
see anything. It's also EFI-based.

I can still boot any kernel versions if I skip XEN. And I can still
boot through xen if I use the LTS kernel (4.9.44-1, then 4.9.45-1).

So it must have something to do with the 4.12 version of the kernel,
but it is very hard to debug (and I don't have any serial output on my
laptop). I tried many different configurations, both at Xen and kernel
levels (e.g. acpi=off, earlyprintk=efi) but nothing works.

I'll try to diff the kernel configurations when I have some spare time!


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