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[Xen-users] Cannot map more than 512 grant references with Mini-OS


I'm trying to set up a shared memory pool between two minimal Xen domains based on Mini-OS using the grant table API provided by Mini-OS.
The sender domain sets up a grant table and publishes the grant references on xenstore. The receiver domain reads the grant references on xenstore and maps them.
As long as the grant table of the sender domain fits in one frame, i.e. 512 grants at most, everything works OK. But grant references beyond the first 512  cannot be mapped in the receiver domain. 
The GNTTABOP_map_grant_ref hypercall fails with a GNTST_general_error status without any logs (function gntmap_map_grant_refs of the Mini-OS api).

Any help is welcome.
Is it a Mini-OS specific problem ?
Does Xen support more than one single grant table per domain ?
Is there any Xen parameter that needs to be set ?

Xen version 4.8.1
Mini-OS version:  xen-RELEASE-4.8.1


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