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[Xen-users] Reading a DomU's memory from Dom0 or Xen hypervisor

I'd like to be able to read specific memory locations within a DomU,
either by guest-physical or guest-virtual address, and I'm wondering
what the Xen-provided options in this area are. I've seen
documentation on "grant tables", but that mechanism seems tailored
towards communication between front and back-end drivers. All I want
to do is allow code in either Dom0 or the hypervisor itself to read
specific memory ranges within a specific DomU. I notice there's a
raw_copy_from_guest() function (guestcopy.c), which looks like it
could be useful. However, the hardcoding of "current->domain" in the
call to get_page_from_gva() leads me to suspect that it's intended for
use only in a hypercall. Is there a standard way to read memory from
an *arbitrary* guest, either using guest-physical or guest-virtual
addresses? If so, is it possible to do it from Dom0 without modifying
the Xen hypervisor?

Links to relevant documentation or example source code would be
greatly appreciated...

Brett S.

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