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[Xen-users] PV driver conflicts with AMD Catalyst driver, in VGA passthrough,


Xen version 4.9 (latest Aur git)

PV drivers 8.2

Host: Arch, kernel 4.13

Guest: Windows Server 2016, fresh install

Vega 64 AMD graphics

Asus Zenith X399 motherboard, latest BIOS (0801)

AMD drivers tried 17.10.1 & 17.9.2

Issue. If AMD drivers are installed before PV drivers, drivers install & card works correctly. PV drivers can be installed after this and all works fine.

If PV drivers are installed before installation or upgrade of drivers, driver installation crashes entire guest. No error message, VNC window closes, VM no longer present in 'xl list'.

This has only been tested  with all PV drivers, or no PV drivers. If anyone has ideas which driver/s could be the issue, would be happy to test with some drivers, but not going to start testing random combinations of six!


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