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Bad performance with Xen


We are testing low performance in IO with the next command in Debian Buster 
(kernel 4.19.0-8-amd64) with Xen (4.11.4-pre)

       time for i in `dpkg -L ncurses-term | sort`; do if [ -f "$i" ]; then ls -ld  "$i"; fi; done | 
tr -s " "| cut -d" " -f5,9 >/dev/null

In all our Dom0s - DomUs  we are getting around 20 seconds.

In the same physical machines booting with Debian without Xen, we get 5-7 

In some KVM VMs in other server we are geting almost the same as physical.

(all in local Disks. XFS filesystems. Images of DomUs in raw format)

I have booted Xen with 4.8 y 4.4 releases with almost the same bad data.

Where could be the problem?

I think of is not normal this difference between DomUs and physical machine.

Every pointer will be welcomed.

Best regards,




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