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general protection fault on vif50.1-q1-guest


I had recently a general protection fault on a Debian 8 server with
Xen (debian pacakge: 4.4.4lts4-0+deb8u1) and it looks like it was Xen
related because it showed the vif50.1-q1-guest kernel process in the
kernel log. I have copied the kernel log below in this mail for
reference. After this GPF the system was still responding but one domU
lost network connectivity and all the others where still working
properly. I decided to power-off and power-on the system as a soft GPF
renders the system in an unstable state.

Now I am trying to find out what is most likely the cause of this
general protection fault in order to avoid that again in the future
and would like your opinion on that:

- is this maybe a bug in Xen?
- a bug in the kernel used by Debian?
- a hardware issue?
- if it is a hardware issue, what is most likely? RAM? CPU?
- anything else I am missing?

Note that the hardware is enterprise grade hardware and that the BIOS
has been updated to the latest available version.The CPUs (dual CPU)
are Intel Xeon E5-2640 v3 @ 2.60GHz.

Thank you for your input.

Best regards,



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