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Re: repeated Kernel oops need help to debug

On 24.08.20 20:31, moftah moftah wrote:
Hi Jurgon,

I think the commit 021a17ed796b is mostly causing the issue as you explained
I tried to port back the fixes in 5.4 and 5.5 back to 4.19 but that was out of my level (the code changed between those versions and I no longer clearly see where to apply the fixes)

So the other workaround i did is that i reverted 021a17ed796b in 4.19 and comibled new kernel the new kernel is much more stable although the issue still occur but i would say the frequency of the occurring is 10% of  what it was before reverting 021a17ed796b

maybe if someone can port the fixed in 5.4 and 5.5 back to 4.19 it will fix the issue 100% (I still have the oops but the frequency is less than before)

You should ask the authors of the two fixup patches to backport them.




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