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Win10 DomU with QXL graphics unusable


when using QXL graphics in win10 domU, the system runs as long as I use the 
Windows Basic Display Adapter. When I install the latest qxldod driver from 
Fedora/RedHat, the system becomes unusable. Delayed response times of 30s and 
more. I have tried ovmf and seabios, but with the same result.

When I copy the Qemu commandline from verbose xl output, I get a software 
emulated slow but usable/responsive System. The only thing I had to change is 
the machine type from xenfv to pc.

Is this a Xen or a Qemu related problem?

I tried unsuccessfully to patch the source code of the xl toolkit, because I 
think it is a problem with the machine type "pc,accel=xen", which is set by xl 
when calling qemu.

THX for any help!



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