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The guest's kernel also did find its root filesystem (note how it
configured a bunch of things that it would have needed access to
/etc for) but then bailed out at the end saying "errors were found
while checking the disk drive for /." I think that message comes
from the init system.

So I *think* your guest config file is okay (I'd give it a bit more
RAM though), it's finding its root filesystem okay, but maybe your
/etc/fstab above is wrong.

If if I were you I'd check that the filesystem with UUID
4d7a5a50-9288-424d-a383-2f6888b908a1 is actually there, i.e. that
that is its UUID.

For an easier life and to prove the theory I might ensure that
/dev/xvda2 is used for the root in your /etc/fstab. If that worked
then I would try to find out why the UUID was wrong.

I'm not familiar with Lubuntu but it looks like possibly you could
also press "I" to ignore and it might just carry on booting.




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