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XEN Block Script times out sporadically


I‘m giving Xen on raspi 4 a try and experience some problems. Dom0 is Debian based and I start VMs via another process by forking xl create.

Sporadically 50% of the time I so see

libxl: error: libxl_aoutils.c:539:async_exec_timeout: killing execution of /etc/xen/scripts/block add because of timeout
And the vm falls to start. I set a lot of echos in the block script and verified that the script runs not in a subshell and exits the main shell and retournied fast enough. The block process remains as defunct in the process list indicating that the caller did not read the state.
I suspect the pipe between libxl sporadiccaly breaks due to a race. However I cannot pinpoint where the start of the script is actually triggered during Dom creation.
Looking through old posts I so see that other people had similar problems unable to pinpoint the source of the condition.

Any ideas where to look?

Kind Regards



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