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how to set static IP for guest/domU from the xen config?

assuming I'm not using DHCP for the guests ---- I want to give them static IPs so that when I use the guests to setup a cluster , my cluster config always expects the same IP list.

I see that in a guest VM config, you can specify 


but given this, I log inside guest, the default network interface (eth0) has not acquired an IP. (bridge "br" was created outside of the bridge shared with host eth0, so that I can run NAT on the "br" bridge. see steps at: http://blog.manula.org/2012/04/manually-configuring-nat-networking-in.html )
so I had to manually ifup the eth0 to inside guest.

since I already specified the IP on config, is there a way to let the guest automatically pick up the wanted IP , instead of me having to manually run the "ifup" for each guest? this way I can generate 10 guest configs and give them different vif=[] params and start all 10 guests without manually logging into them.



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