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[FuSa SIG] Static code analysis. some questions.

Dear Stefano,

I have a couple of question for you from the team working on static code analysis. please see below.

- with the approach presented during last meeting we obtained intermediate results but for the analysis few decisions were done by us that needs confirmations and few errors/warning raised  by the understand tool:
1) since the file list provided had some errors (rows with double entries and file not identified in  the path specified) we tried to solve them as reported in the file list attached: could you confirm that this is a valid list for headers+source code files for Xen 4.13.0 tinyconfig project ? (see fileListRes.txt)
2) the tool raised the following warnings during the analysis with respect to .h files that we were unable to solve manually: could you please help us?

3) in addition to this, we would like to try a new functionality of the Understand tool that should allow to automatically trace the building process in order to detect all the files (.c and .h) used for a certain build and parameters, allowing to analyze all and only the needed file with preprocessor config.
in order to do this, we would like to have advices on the build process.
you gave us as reference the following process:
export XEN_TARGET_ARCH=arm64
export CROSS_COMPILE=/path/to/cross-compiler
cd xen/
cp arch/arm/configs/tiny64.conf .config
(press Enter a few times)
the question is: is it ok with Xen 4.13.0? Which is the
cross-compiler for arm64 that you use?

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