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Re: [Minios-devel] Mini-OS include/minios-external directory

On 10/12/17 21:14, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Hello,
> Juergen Gross, on mer. 06 déc. 2017 15:01:39 +0100, wrote:
>> While trying to use MINIOS_STAILQ_LAST() from include/list.h I
>> stumbled over undefined __offsetof(). As list.h is being generated
>> from include/minios-external/bsd-sys-queue.h just modifying list.h
>> to use offsetof() instead of __offsetof() isn't going to work.
>> So I see three possible solutions to my problem:
>> 1. modify include/minios-external/bsd-sys-queue-h-seddery to change
>>    __offsetof() into offsetof()
> I'd go for this.
>> TBH I don't think the complexity of building list.h dynamically is
>> really worth the trouble. In case we really want to rebase to a
>> newer version of the related BSD header doing that manually seems
>> to be more effective than trying to keep that build machinery.
> Doing this manually each time means that we'll most probably forget
> some of the needed mangling. Having a script both documents the list of
> things that we have found to be needed, and just makes it done.

Hmm, do you really expect updates of the header? Our version is from
2011. It was never updated since its introduction in the tree in
2011. It was only ever moved around. Its complexity is really low,
and it will be even easier to understand with the left BSD specifics
(like tracing) removed.


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