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Re: [UNIKRAFT PATCH v4 11/12] plat/xen/drivers/net: Add receive operation

On 10/27/20 1:29 PM, Sharan Santhanam wrote:
> On 10/27/20 11:14 AM, Costin Lupu wrote:
>> On 10/27/20 11:46 AM, Sharan Santhanam wrote:
>>> Hello Costin,
>>> Simon is looking into that series and is it necessary we need to wait
>>> for that series for this driver changes. The driver should be able to
>>> work with the current version of the LWIP patches isn't it.
>> Yeah, the current version of netfront (v4) should work with the current
>> version of LWIP changes (v3), if that's what you're asking me.
> I meant netfront (v5) should also work with LWIP v3. Do we have to wait
> for the other?

As I said in previous emails, I will send the netfront v5 *only after* I
get the reviews for LWIP v3.




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