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Re: [UNIKRAFT PATCH 00/18] Allocator statistics

Hi Cezar,

thanks a lot for your review. I agree with your suggestions and put a new version of the series on GitHub:

I will mark this series "superseded" on patchwork.



On 20.11.20 16:45, Simon Kuenzer wrote:
This patch series introduces allocator statistics. With minimal
instrumentation, allocators can report counters on allocation
and freeing events that happened.
For example, the following could be queried per allocator:

  last_alloc_size:         230 B /* size of the last allocation */
  max_alloc_size:         4096 B /* biggest satisfied allocation size */
  min_alloc_size:           12 B /* smallest satisfied allocation size */
  tot_nb_allocs:            75   /* total number of satisfied allocations */
  tot_nb_frees:             22   /* total number of satisfied free operations */
  cur_nb_allocs:            53   /* current number of active allocations */
  max_nb_allocs:            53   /* maximum number of active allocations */
  max_mem_use:          218023 B /* maximum amount of memory that was in use */
  cur_mem_use:          217088 B /* current amount of memory that is in use */
  nb_enomem:                 0   /* number of times failing allocation requests 

Note: The meaning of `CONFIG_IFSTAT` changes with this patch series.
The configuration option originally raised wrong expectations while it
it just provided an API to query the amount of available memory from
an allocator. `CONFIG_IFSTAT` is now enabling these detailed allocator

Note: Since this patch series changes some details on the internal ukalloc
API (`<uk/alloc_impl.h>`), external memory allocators (like TLSF, mimalloc)
need to be adopted as well. For retrieving statistics from them, they also
need to be instrumented to count alloc and free events.

The first four commits are doing minor corrections of the API headers.
Afterwards, the statistics API is introduced. Additionally, the last
commits introduce a one consolidated global allocator statistics, as
well as a per library allocator statistics. `lib/nolibc` had to
instrumented in order to support per-library statistics properly.
Similar to `nolibc`, `newlib` and `musl` need to be instrumented, too to
properly support per-library statistics for libc allocation interfaces:
malloc(), calloc(), free(), etc.

Simon Kuenzer (18):
   lib/ukalloc: Correct BSD license header
   lib/ukalloc: Move ifpages comment
   lib/ukalloc: `extern C {` at the beginning of <uk/alloc.h>
   lib/ukalloc: Move `uk_zalloc()` after `uk_calloc()`
   lib/ukalloc: Introduce `uk_alloc_maxalloc()` and make
     `uk_alloc_availmem()` available
   lib/ukalloc: Introduce `uk_alloc_pavail()`, `uk_alloc_pmaxalloc()`
   lib/ukalloc: Wrappers for "fee memory" interfaces
   lib/ukalloc: Iterator helper for allocators
   lib/ukalloc: Introduce `uk_alloc_availmem_total(),
   lib/ukalloc: Allocator statistics
   lib/ukalloc: Global statistics
   lib/ukallocbbuddy: Instrumentation for statistics
   lib/ukallocregion: Internal functions as `static`
   lib/ukallocregion: Instrumentation for statistics
   lib/ukalloc: Per-library allocation statistics
   lib/ukalloc: Iterator for per-library statistics
   lib/ukalloc: Use Unikraft internal types
   lib/nolibc: Enable per-library allocator statistics

  lib/nolibc/Makefile.uk                   |   1 -
  lib/nolibc/include/stdlib.h              |  39 ++-
  lib/ukalloc/Config.uk                    |  29 ++-
  lib/ukalloc/Makefile.uk                  |   5 +
  lib/ukalloc/alloc.c                      | 225 ++++++++++------
  lib/ukalloc/exportsyms.uk                |   9 +
  lib/ukalloc/include/uk/alloc.h           | 174 +++++++++----
  lib/ukalloc/include/uk/alloc_impl.h      | 179 +++++++++++--
  lib/ukalloc/libstats.c                   | 311 +++++++++++++++++++++++
  lib/ukalloc/libstats.ld                  |   9 +
  lib/ukalloc/libstats.localsyms.uk        |   2 +
  lib/{nolibc/malloc.c => ukalloc/stats.c} |  56 ++--
  lib/ukallocbbuddy/bbuddy.c               |  50 +++-
  lib/ukallocregion/region.c               |  54 +++-
  plat/common/include/pci/pci_bus.h        |   2 +
  plat/common/memory.c                     |   2 +
  plat/xen/gnttab.c                        |   1 +
  plat/xen/memory.c                        |   2 +
  plat/xen/x86/gnttab.c                    |   1 +
  19 files changed, 952 insertions(+), 199 deletions(-)
  create mode 100644 lib/ukalloc/libstats.c
  create mode 100644 lib/ukalloc/libstats.ld
  create mode 100644 lib/ukalloc/libstats.localsyms.uk
  rename lib/{nolibc/malloc.c => ukalloc/stats.c} (62%)



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