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Re: Test framework thoughts

On 14 Aug 2011, at 15:46, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:
> Right, but the problem here is that you have to link in *all* the tests into 
> one huge binary, which takes quite a while to compile. It's a similar problem 
> to the tests in our ORM library.
> On the other hand, if each test is a module, then ocamlbuild can link up a 
> binary to run just that one test (with a target like 'ocamlbuild test1.run'), 
> and that would pull in any dependencies automatically.

not sure if this question makes sense but - is it reasonable to have a mirage 
program that only succeeds for a subset of the backends?

> You could still have a 'run all.itarget' that would include all the tests for 
> a full run, but this way I could just quickly define some oUnit tests for a 
> module like JSON, and test it without having to worry about all the others 
> tests running.
>> For the complex settings to run some of the unit-tests, I guess you need to 
>> have a library able to set-up correctly you environment, and use register 
>> some post and pre-hooks if needed.
> Indeed... some of the settings are very specific to the backend being used 
> (like the Xen ones), so it's a bit tricky to do this from one big library.
> The other thing with ocamlbuild is that it can run the tests in parallel 
> without any additional help, as '-j' should just work if the dependencies are 
> setup correctly.  Any errors would show up as a build failure, and the 
> product file would be the performance results.

neat; even better would be an ability to assert that the results file produce 
had to meet a template configuration, so you couldn't validly commit code that 
broke performance.



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