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Re: tuntap apparently misbehaving on osx

I don't know if it applies to the dns stuff but to make the http server work 
under Xen I had to add a line

configure interface 'DHCP

In the callback in slides/server.ml

In the case of DHCP there were 2 other glitches which I've sent Anil some pull 
requests for. I guess you want to set a static IP tho ( instead of the 
) - I'm sure I saw a config option for that in there somewhere.

Dave Scott

On Sep 17, 2011, at 11:58 PM, "Richard Mortier" 
<Richard.Mortier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> i'm porting the dns perf suite over to the new regress/ setup.  with the 
> unix-socket build, i don't seem to be able to contact it at all - and netstat 
> doesn't show anything listening on 53/UDP as i'd expect.  with unix-direct 
> then i see the usual startup but then start seeing many failed writes:
> : mort@greyjay:net$; sudo _build/unix-direct/deens.bin 
> Password:
> Main: startup
> [00000] 2011/08/17T22:06:39Z  info                Deens: starting server, 
> port 53 
> Manager: create
> opendev: /dev/tap0
> Netif: plug tap0
> Manager: plug tap0
> Manager: plug done, to listener
> Manager: init done
> Devices: starting provider Unix.Blkif
> Main: entering runloop
> ARP: who-has
> IPv4: dropping proto 2
> IPv4: dropping proto 2
> IPv4: dropping proto 2
> ARP: transmitting probe ->
> EXN: Failure("tap: partial write")
> ARP: updating -> 1e:81:8c:9d:18:0c
> EXN: Failure("tap: partial write")
> EXN: Failure("tap: partial write")
> via "tcpdump -i tap0", pinging from a terminal gets me nothing; 
> pinging shows echo requests from ->, and 
> responses from -> which seems odd.
> similar behaviour if i build the tutorial slideset with unix-direct, although 
> with unix-socket it works just fine.
> so- is this a broken setup on my part, or something that's become broken due 
> to eg., new device model?  (or am i just missing something really obvious?!)
> -- 
> Cheers,
> R.
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