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Re: ocamlgraph / ocamlfind / ocamlbuild

Is ocamlgraph showing up in your 'ocamlfind -list' ?

if so, you need to add a line to your _tags file

true: package(ocamlgraph)


$ ocamlbuild -use-ocamlfind main.native

should pick up the package dependency and include the appropriate hint to the build.  Let me know how that goes.


On 3 Apr 2012, at 12:54, Farhan Mannan wrote:


Until now I've been compiling with a script that looked like 
ocamlc -g -annot -I +ocamlgraph graph.cma extra.ml node.ml network.ml algorithm.ml topology.ml simulator.ml 
ocamlc -o simulator -I +ocamlgraph graph.cma extra.cmo node.cmo network.cmo algorithm.cmo topology.cmo simulator.cmo
 but since I'm now refactoring quite heavily - and changing the dependencies between the files a lot - I am trying to switch to ocamlbuild.

The name of the main executable changes from simulator to main below:

1. Ideally something like this would work:  "ocamlbuild -use-ocamlfind main.native"
where my _tags file has "ocamlbuild -use-ocamlfind main.native" at the end, but this doesn't at the moment as ocamlfind isn't picking up ocamlgraph (i.e. it doesn't show up when I do "ocamlfind list").

2. Alternatively I was trying to just replicate my original compiler commands with this:
ocamlbuild -cflags -I,+ocamlgraph -lflag graph.cma main.native 

but that doesn't make sense - it doesn't know what to do with graph.cma

So does anyone know how to
1. make findlib/ocamlfind recognise ocamlgraph? I installed ocamlgraph using apt
2. get ocamlbuild to use the graph.cma object file? if I run the command in 2. without graph.cma, it simply complains that Graph is unbound etc.




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