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Re: ocaml-cohttp client

[adding cl-mirage so everyone knows whats up]

The client is in cohttp-server, which will be merged back to one repository
now that I've figured out OASIS :-)

So hopefully this will fit in perfectly with your plans. The idea is to have
a single repo with:

- protocol (OS independent, requires Lwt only)
- client/ (cohttp client, Lwt_unix)
- server/ (cohttp server, Lwt_unix)

It would be *great* to have a js_of_ocaml equivalent of the client API,
and it's a very simple API now too, see:

I noticed your pull request of ocaml-uri. We need to figure out how to run
oUnit tests on the protocols with headless Javascript as well. Raphael,
do you have any thoughts on this, given your earlier node.js/js_of_ocaml

While it seems easy for ocaml-uri, the WebGL shaders that David works on
would obviously need a browser, so I wonder if the best thing to do is to
have an oUnit tests that outputs to JSON and renders into a browser via
jQuery/D3 instead.


On 28 Mar 2012, at 00:30, David Sheets wrote:

> Hi Anil,
> I see you removed lib/client.ml from your cohttp branch. What was your
> plan for this functionality?
> I would like to add cohttp as a dependency for gloc/glol's hyperlinker
> to supply cooperative native HTTP request capability. I am
> functorizing the link algorithm over a URL resolution subsystem and
> defining a lazy JSON-sexpr-based link expression language to
> facilitate orchestration of WebGL shader modules across the web.
> Various functions of the compiler suite will soon be a cohttp web
> service and library unification is always nice. I will also be
> producing drop-in js_of_ocaml and JS native modules for some of
> cohttp's functionality (exposed in the glol module parameter).
> With these modules in place, OCaml can become the de facto WebGLSL 
> metalanguage.
> Any information regarding the client library would be greatly appreciated.
> Warm wishes,
> David



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