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Re: ocaml-dns. done.

Superb; I've done a merge of all your repositories, and forked appropriately 
working versions to http://github.com/mirage/

$ cd ocaml-dns
$ ./_build/client/odig.native  recoil.org
INFO: query: dead Query:0 a:c:r:rn 0 <qs:recoil.org. <Q_A|Q_IN>> <an:> <au:> 

INFO: response:dead Response:0 na:c:r:ra 0 <qs:recoil.org. <Q_A|Q_IN>> 
<an:recoil.org <RR_IN|82> [A (]> <au:> <ad:> sa:
recoil.org ->

Yay, and it's all building away through the OPAM package manager automatically 
now, including the website. Thanks for all your help with testing out the 
instructions I sent earlier in the week --- Thomas is making one last bugfix to 
OPAM to let us pin packages, and it should be good for general use.

So tomorrow I should have the website swapped over to the new world order once 
I update the wiki pages and instructions...


On 28 Jun 2012, at 00:35, Richard Mortier wrote:

> i *think* i've now completed the port of ocaml-dns to use cstruct rather than 
> bitstring. it appears to return correct results for all supported RRs, and to 
> apply label compression correctly. 
> i'll try and run some perf tests tomorrow (modulo horizon research 
> conference) or friday, but if anyone else wants to give it a go before then, 
> it's in the use-cstruct branch at <http://github.com/mor1/ocaml-dns>
> once it's perf tested (and probably bug fixed...) i guess the next step is to 
> merge with master, and then do anything necessary to get it going with 
> v3-mirage...
> -- 
> Cheers,
> R.
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