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Porting Mirage to FreeBSD

Hi there,

My name is Gabor Pali and I have just arrived to Cambridge to spend the
upcoming months on bringing Mirage and FreeBSD a little bit closer to
each other.  So you may expect some questions from me during this time

I am an assistant lecturer at Eotvos Lorand University, Department of
Programming Languages and Compilers, Faculty of Informatics of Budapest,
Hungary, and I am about to complete my doctorate studies (hopefully this
year).  I do research and teach functional programming, mainly Haskell,
but I have some experience in F# as well -- my doctorate research is
about developing operating systems in functional programming languages,
which is quite a good match for Mirage, I think.

I have been also contributing to the FreeBSD Project for a long time,
where I maintain the FreeBSD port of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler
together with hundreds of Haskell Cabal packages, but I am interested in
systems programming and have worked as a game engine programmer before.

I really appreciate the opportunity of joining you, and I am hoping to
make Mirage work inside the FreeBSD kernel soon.




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